This alphabet was first designed as a deck of cards to introduce designers and design students to critical theory and concepts to help them reflect on their design process.

Each card introduces theory under that letter. Then the cards introduce a question or comment to help make a connection to the theory and design practice. The physical deck is still available for sale on Etsy

The digital app was created as a way of making the alphabet more accessible to a large group of people, without the limitations of cost, borders and shipping.

How to use?

The alphabet was designed as a tool for reflection. So the user would reflect on the prompt question to see how to respond to it in their work. Some people do this as a daily activity. The reflection exercise can be done individually or as a group e.g. with other colleagues, or in a class with a teacher and students.

The deck is by no means a complete critical alphabet, but rather an introduction to concepts that a designer can reflect on while working. The deck should also be considered an invitation to create your own list of important critical theory concepts.

If there’s a new concept you’d like to see in the alphabet or you’d like to give feedback or make suggestion, please reach out via Etsy, LinkedIn, Twitter – @mamaazure or Instagram- @lesleyannnoel!